Перевод песни Crazy (Loca) (Shakira) -


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Перевод песни Crazy (Loca) (Shakira) -

She's playin' dumb all the time

Just to keep it fun

To get you on like (ahh!)

Be careful amigo

She talkin' and walkin' just to work you up

She’d die for your love

But your love’s only mine, boy

Hot though, I heat up when I touch her

Got me bumpin to merengue

Now you think she’s got it all

I got my kiki

О.К. she doesn't know the things

That I do to please you

I take you to the malecon por un caminito

They saw yoir girlfriend looking for me with a rifle

Cuz they saw me dancing mambo for you

What she don't allow it?

Перевод песни Crazy (Loca) (Shakira)
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