Перевод песни Motivation (Sandra) -


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Перевод песни Motivation (Sandra) -

From time to time, I lose all faith in what I'm doing

Every avenue I'm pursuing

Seems to be a dead end.

And from time to time, I lose all trace in where I'm going

When the weariness is showing

It's then I need a good friend.

Who's building out my confidence

Who's speaking out in my defence

Who's giving me the strength to carry on.

You are my motivation

I'd be helpless if it wasn't for you

You are my motivation

Motivation, motivation

It's you, who, you, you, it's you

The motivation is you

Now I know it's you.

And every day we fight a battle for survival

We treat our fellow man as a rival

Life is like a wargame.

And every day we take a step in the wrong direction

Did we forget about love and affection

Isn't it a crying shame.

Now me, I've always struggled through

Время от времени я теряю веру во все, что я делаю.

Каждое действие, кажется, ведет меня в тупик

Ты, тот самый. ты, это ты

Мотивация — это ты

Теперь я знаю, что это ты.

И каждый день мы боремся, чтобы выжить

В своих собратьях мы видим врагов

Перевод песни Motivation (Sandra)
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