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Песни о любви eminem -

But it's 'fuck the world',

Yeah my life a bitch

But you know nothing 'bout her,

Been to hell and back,

I can show you vouchers.

I'm rolling Sweets,

Man I come down in a couple of days,

OK you want me up in the cage

Then I'll come out in beast mode,

It's a little too late

To say that you're sorry now,

You kicked me when I was down,

Snatch the mic from 'em, bitch

The greatest verse of all time,

So you might want to go back

To the lab tonight and um

Scribble out them rhymes

You were going to spit

And start over from scratch

You can see the sparks from hot metal,

Cold-hearted from the day

My soul started to rot fellow

These fools can't drool

Or dribble a drop anymore,

And you can never break my stride,

You never slow the momentum,

Забросайте меня грязью

И я выращу в ней цветок

Но вы ничего не знаете о ней!

Я прошел сквозь все круги ада

Я могу показать тебе расписку

Я курю отстойную траву

Со своими извинениями

Вы били меня когда я лежал на земле

Песни о любви eminem
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