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Песни о fnaf 3 -

What if the song is actually a letter to all the stupid ass kids that were praying and crying to TLT for the song? Hear me out.

"I really hate you, stop getting in my way" Since the release of the third game, everyone has been asking about a FNAF 3 song made by him. If you looked at any video between FNAF 2 and 3 song, you will see A TON of inpatient kids asking for it. All the requests where getting in his way to become a worldwide artist, because, no matter what he camed up with, if it wasn't FNAF 3, it was not good for the kids.

"I lost my patience, when are you gonna decay?" TLT was tired on how everyone was highly demanding the song (here' s a tweet he wrote after saying that the FNAF 3 song was delayed https://twitter.com/LivingTombstone/status/589487404894924800 ), thus, he lost his patience. and maybe he started to get tired of the project too.

This is the first line after the chorus:

"It's almost over, why can' t you just let it fly?". The same i said before. Even if he said that the song was coming "really soon", people still kept asking for it.

These are just my thoughts. They are kind of confusing, i know, but i hope someone understands it.

Песни о fnaf 3
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