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MrGrimlock, The Ninja Mirelurk 20 окт, 2014 в 18:25

Idea for Boss Battles: Introduction animation theme song

Basically, what this would let you do is you can set up an intro for your robot and pick a theme song to play through out the fight.

Since I'm using a modified version of the T7 Scorpion Walker, I'd have the robot walk over the camera (at ground level, facing the other robots, and after fading in from black), have him stop, fire the guns at a camera so the blast acts as a transition to a close up of the front end the robot.

For the song, I'd use Gigan Awakens from Godzilla: Final Wars, and have it play as he's walking over the camera.

If you think the idea for making your own boss intro is a good idea, feel free to comment. D

Песни про robocraft
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