Five nights at Freddy - s 2 song (Sayonara - s fnaf 2 song) -


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Five nights at Freddy - s 2 song (Sayonara - s fnaf 2 song) -

Five nights at Freddy's 2 song (Sayonara's fnaf 2 song)

Let’s celebrate!

Make your sorrows go away,

Time for fears to fade.

A jolly night here thou awaits

No use to call for aid.

The music box is silently creaking,

Thin thread of life is near a split.

If you are thinking we are merely playing,

Then let’s fool around for a bit!

Your blood’s curdling and heart skips a beat

The nightmare awaits in the shadows

And I could swear I just heard a shriek

Is there something I don’t know?

Bonnie will tear you apart.

Dolls are opening their mouths.

Foxy’s baring her sharp teeth,

Freddy will make it hard to breath.

Chika’s roaring with laughter

Your own flesh is what they chase after

So why won’t you just give up?

You’ll fall asleep and won’t wake up!

Those little dolls can handle the scoffing

But what they can’t handle are kids

Poor parents watch as they can do nothing

As children become delicious treats

Cameras show you it’s nearly the end

Leave remaining hope for salvation.

Your screams and struggles will not suspend

The torment and pain are the only redemption

Evil craves defeat and chaos

You not staying home was fatal.

“Eat yourself or be eaten

Five nights at Freddy - s 2 song (Sayonara - s fnaf 2 song)
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