Justin Bieber - Omaha Mall -


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Justin Bieber - Omaha Mall -

Justin Bieber - Omaha Mall

Текст песни Omaha Mall

Kenny Hamilton, tell ‘em how it is

Okay, we better do this again, the official version

This ain't none of that Youtube stuff man

DJTayJames, weknowthedj.com

Shout out to my homeboy JB, it's Kenny Mac

We better do this, Omaha Mall 2010

Omaha Mall, Omaha Mall

You know that we ball at the Omaha Mall

Omaha Mall, Omaha Mall

You know that we ball at the Omaha Mall

Mall, mall, mall, m-m-mall

Yeah I ball, Omaha Mall

Five feet tall but I still do it all

Yeah I get it in, get the Benjamins

Then I spend it all at the Omaha Mall

Yeah we're in the mall

We are doin' it huge

We are spending cash looking for some sick shoes

Yeah we're at the mall

Yeah we're in my world

Yeah we got some shoes and now we looking for some girls

Omaha Mall, yeah this beat rocks

Now we rollin' down the mall tryin'a find a G-shock

Yo, there's some girls, they look good from afar

But you never know at the Omaha Mall

I've been to LA, New York, I've done it all

But none of it compares to the Omaha Mall

Omaha Mall, Omaha Mall

Now I'm 'bout to go to Baby Gap

Get my little sister something

Justin Bieber - Omaha Mall
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