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Favorite Song from Don't Starve? MUSIC.

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Gumhoy 11 Jul 2014

My personal favorite song from Don't Starve has to be and always will be:

It's just so kooky and fun! Perfect for getting me happy hype in early spring even with the endless rain! (Darn rain!)

With Ragtime as a close second!

If you have a mod or character in mind, perhaps you could share with us songs you used to inspire them in the first place as well. ) Lets all hang out and be creative together!

If you have any ideas for a mod or something to add to the game, run them by here!

I'd love to help you!

Please remember nothing too explicit, we want to keep this to a PG-13 Audience!

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TheScientist112 11 Jul 2014

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Amkar 11 Jul 2014

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